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In order to win the battle with wrinkles, you need to make sure that the collagen in your skin regenerates faster than UV radiation destroys it. Do you miss firm, soft, wrinkle-free skin? With collagenics you can reverse the sun damage and get your smooth skin back.


It boosts skin regeneration
It regenerates skin damaged by UV overexposure and bad habits
It delays the formation of new wrinkles by 40%
It reduces wrinkles by 30%

UV overexposure, pollution, alcohol and smoking can damage the collagen in the deeper layers of your skin. As a result, skin's elasticity dramatically falls.

In order to maintain beautiful and healthy skin, creams and sunscreens are a must. However, they are not enough. It is important to know that skin aging occurs at the cellular level where cosmetics cannot reach!

Bring back your skin's beauty in a natural way!

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Why does skin age?

Wrinkles are the external reflection of a problem in the deeper skin layers. With age your skin loses collagen which is responsible for skin's elasticity. Furthermore, other factors like sudden exposure to changes of temperature, sunlight overexposure, pollution and bad habits lead to skin degeneration and aging.

In your thirties your skin starts to regenerate more slowly. Collagen fibres become easily damaged by factors like UV radiation and pollution. When regeneration of cells and collagen structures is slowed down, wrinkles appear.

Unhealthy lifestyle can also have a huge impact on your skin condition. Smoking, drinking and bad diet slow down blood circulation and cause internal inflammation which, in turn, is responsible for skin aging.

How does collagenics reduce and prevent wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the external reflection of a problem in the deeper skin layers. With age your skin loses collagen which is responsible for skin's elasticity. Collagen deficiency can be manifested by saggy, wrinkled or discoloured skin.
Collagenics replenishes collagen in your skin. The supplement is rich in powerful anti-oxidants, hence it neutralizes enzymes which destroy collagen. Thanks to hyaluronic acid content, collagenics helps maintain moisturized skin and protects it from harmful factors like time, sunlight or stress.
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THE RESULTS of Collagenics treatment

The results are visible from the first weeks of using the supplement. The longer you use it, the better results you will see.
AFTER 1 MONTH Skin regeneration boosted by 20%
AFTER 3 MONTHS Wrinkles reduced by 30 %
WITH CONTINUOUS USE Wrinkles forming slowed down by 40 %
Lydia T., 47
Time of treatment: 3 months
I used to hate my wrinkles, especially those around my lips. I was even considering plastic surgery but I'm scared of hospitals. I came across collagenics on the Internet and I decided to give it a try. After a few months I saw fantastic results. Now I don't need any surgery!
Yolanda, 54
Time of treatment: 5 months
Every woman loves to feel young and beautiful. Collagenics has worked for me and it literally changed my life. During a couple of weeks my wrinkles, bags under my eyes and crow feet simply disappeared!
Angela M., 58
Time of treatment: 6 months
I was really worried about my wrinkles and my upcoming 60th birthday. Every day I felt older and older. After taking collagenics I feel as if time has stopped for me. Every day I feel younger. Time is on my side now.
Anna, 45
Time of treatment: 6 months
My wrinkles made me look much older than I really was. I started taking collagenics, my wrinkles smoothed out and skin became softer. Now people tell me I look at least 30 years old. I've never been happier! Definitely recommend it!

Collagenics has been clinically tested and the results have been confirmed by experts. Now available to you!

Collagenics is 100% safe, there are no contraindications for use and no side effects. Collagenics is not medicine; it is food supplement, a nutricosmetic, so it can be used without risk and it is available over the counter.

Clinical tests and independent studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Collagenics formula. Everyday use of the supplement reduces wrinkles by 30% and lowers the risk of new wrinkles forming by 40%. During clinical tests 90% of women noticed the results during the first weeks of use!


  • What is collagenics and what benefits it gives you?

    Collagenics is a natural dietary supplement which acts as a nutricosmetic. It works from the inside, conditioning the skin and replenishing collagen in its deeper layers. With collagenics your skin remains young and firm!
  • Does taking collagenics cause any side effects?

    Collagenics is not medicine; it is a natural nutricosmetic. Its use does not cause any side effects and there are no contraindications for use. However, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should contact dietician before commencing the treatment.
  • Who can take collagenics?

    Collagenics is dedicated to everybody wishing to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines and improve the condition of skin, hair and nails.
  • Do I need a prescription to buy collagenics?

    Collagenics is not medicine, so it can be taken without a prescription. However, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should contact dietician before commencing the treatment.
  • How many capsules are there in one pack?

    One pack of collagenics contains 60 capsules and is enough for a month of use.
  • How to take collagenics?

    You need to take 1 capsule twice a day.
  • Where can I buy collagenics?

    Collagenics boasts scientifically developed and clinically tested formula. The availability of our nutricosmetic is adjusted accordingly. Therefore collagenics is not available in standard cosmetic stores, pharmacies or food supplement shops. Our priorities are high quality, scrupulous production and fair product distribution. By making a purchase on this site, you can be certain that you are buying an original product.
  • Will anyone know that I am using collagenics?

    Your privacy is paramount to us. Our products are packed in discreet boxes and shipped directly to the address you have provided.
  • How long will I be waiting for delivery?

    Orders are processed during two working days. Products are delivered by courier in a discreet packaging. Cash on delivery orders are available only in the Republic of Ireland. For all other orders we require payment by card. Cost of delivery is €12 (cash on delivery), €10 (payment in advance)
  • Is it possible to ship abroad?

    Certainly. In order to meet our demanding Customers' needs, we deliver not only in Ireland but also all over the world. Delivery time might vary. Cost of delivery is €12 (cash on delivery), €10 (payment in advance). In case of foreign orders we require payment in advance. Cash on delivery orders are only available in the Republic of Ireland.

What is collagenics?

High quality ingredients

Collagenics is a combination of the most effective, advanced ingredients: collagen, hyaluronicacid and natural plant extracts.

30% less wrinkles and 15% more elasticity

The revolutionary formula of collagenics offers you 20% faster skin regeneration, 15% more elasticity, 30% less wrinkles after 3 months and wrinkle prevention improved by 40% with regular use.

Satisfaction or your money back

Collagenics offers you money back guarantee – if you are not happy with the product, you can get claim a refund.

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